I spent most of yesterday sorting out the mess in my work room and doing housework. Not my favourite task … in fact I think it should be banned !!! I would love to have fairies move into my house to do the jobs for me !

Its always choas getting ready for a show and I had pulled out loads of mohair during the week which inspired loads of new ideas. The parcel of mohair that arrived in the week and the new supply of joints and eyes had stayed where they were in the lounge along with the new bears that I had photographed in the conservatory. The whole place was a mess, so in a bid to regain order after working two full long days at the hospice there was nothing else for it. I tend to run round like a tasmanian devil when I set my mind to it and today am paying the price!

I managed to get the whole place straight and spick and span, it was well worth the effort but whilst moving a 10kg bag of steel shot in a non erganomic way I have pulled my lat dorsi muscle in my upper back, great! I`m not into weight lifting or working out at the gym, I run around enough on the three full days I work at the hospice. So there is nothing else for it I am going to have to sit all day and sew :o)))) how awful LOL. After all it is Sunday and the sun is shining… at the moment.

Perhaps I will manage to complete the three pandas that I started on Tuesday, its looking good so far , all three are jointed and two are stuffed, so I`m well on the way. Not that I need to rush because I am well on target for the show, I did a head count of the bears yesterday whilst putting them on the shelves and I have more than over done it, there are currently 43 bears ready for Hugglets!