Thats funny just came to write my blog and found my mood indicator says I`m frustrated!
well I`m not :o) I`m actually very happy I now have three days off from the Hospice after two busy full days and the plan today is to take photos of the three pandas that I finished on tuesday evening. Remember these are the ones I stupidly thought I might finish on Sunday. Well I didn`t do too badly by 11pm they were fully filled and could see and smell, luckily they couldn`t hear me or answer back as I managed to push the sculpting needle in my finger !!
I`m not called calamity Jane for nothing :o)) LOL.

The snow here has virtually disappeared … for now ?? but at least I will be in the warm if it comes again. There will be about 9 new bears added to the site over the weekend so watch this space ;O)
for now