Well where has the week gone! First its Monday then before you know it its 5pm on Thursday!

This week has been so busy, which is nothing unusual when the hugglets show is looming.

As you already know I labelled the bears on Monday, Tuesday I visited the Sewing for Pleasure and Hobbycrafts trade show at the NEC. Wow! Totally enjoyed that ! Found a supplier of Presencia perle thread, I have never of heard of this manufacturer before. Apparently its made in spain, It is the same quality as better known brands such as anchor and DMC but…… The colour range is amazing!! and they sell 50g balls of NO 5 perle, so I shall definately be ordering some of those for my 12″ bear noses :o) no more pesky unravelling and rewinding of Skiens of thread!

Also I found PREMAX embroidery scissors … My favourite, I have several pairs now, my latest aquisition being their new 4″ ring lock scissors. They cost me £29 or better known as an arm and leg but once you have used these professional quality Italian scissors you wouldn`t buy a cheap pair!! I have tried several makes over the past 11 years and found that these premax ones are invaluable for cutting out and scissor sculpting muzzles, they have a very sharp tip and cut right to the tip!!! and they last 3 times as long as cheap Fiskars ones, so well worth the cost in the long rum….Ok I`m raving on about a pair of scissors but little thing please little minds LOL.

I bought 8 pairs of their fancy designs, yes they are pretty too and will be taking them to Hugglets on Sunday if anyone is interested.

Wednesday I spent printing out the sample copy of my Basic bear making hints & tips book, and binding the thing! 147!! pages … yawn. Not as simple as I had already suspected, but looking good now its done :o) I also got round to getting copies of my BRAND NEW for 2009 range of teddy bear patterns and even got them onto the website …. Another tasmanian devil day LOL

Today all the bears and bits and bobs for the show have been packed and are now ready to go… Now I can have a little R&R zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz