Well finally I have created my blog spot!
It was one of my new years resolution and has taken me until now to get onto it !
my other was to complete my
Basic Bear Making hints & tips
this is a professional bear making course designed especially for the novice or aspiring teddy bear maker, and thats done too ! yipee !! more details can be found on my home page
But for now I must get back to the bear making ! As I have had a new delivery of mohair from intercal … yummy !

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  1. All Bear 15 years ago

    Lovely blog Jane! Thank you for signing up to 100 Best Bear Artist Blogs. If you use the unique ID (it has a number which relates just to your blog) link in your registration email, to link the logo on your blog back to 100 BBBlogs, it will record your hits and help your blog to achieve rank on the website.

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