So its official ! The Preview starts: 4pm New York time on Friday, July 1st.
The preview will show one picture from each artist participating in the show

During the preview period visitors will have an opportunity to vote for their favorite bear in the miniatures catagory and in the full size category in the Collector’s Choice Awards.
Votes will be tallied and the winner in each category will be notified an hour before the show begins and announced at the top of the show page!

Winners will receive a Digital Award they can display on their website, blog, etc..

AND Daphne , the show organiser has been asked by Joyce Greenholdt, the new editor at Teddy Bear Review to do a piece on the Teddies Worldwide show for their December issue with a recap of the Bears on Parade show. The winners will have exposure, with their winning photos in the magazine too! :D exciting stuff !!