a little hedgehog

a little hedgehog

I love Hegehogs and thought I`d make a few :o) I hope you love them as much as I do, these little ones are an edition of three and available now on the website :o)


  1. Syl' 12 years ago

    il est superbe !!! Avec son petit air triste !

  2. Absolutely adorable!

  3. Stine 12 years ago

    He is SO cute !

  4. Kays Kids 12 years ago

    He is so adorable.

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  6. avateddy 12 years ago


  7. Hi Jane, I removed my previous post because I called your gorgeous hedgehog a bear, how stupid am I!! This hedgehog is gorgeous, you really are so talented. Hope to we manage to cross paths at a show maybe this year!

  8. Pipkins Artist Bears 12 years ago

    aw thank you all for you lovely comments :o), I`m so glad you all like him x

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