pipkins productivity

pipkins productivity
Seven days = six bears !
well thats not too bad considering I have been working at the biscuit factory too
( I don`t really work at a biscuit factory LOL we just call it that ! ).
Just means little else has been done and I have been sat firmly in my chair when I arrived in from work and worked on new bears till bedtime.

So now these brand new six have now been asked to form an orderly queue whilst I work on their accessories and styling. Luckily ideas have been raging around my head so I know what is in store for each one :o))


  1. Natalia 13 years ago

    they are look great, team ready to action

  2. Annette 13 years ago

    Beautiful bears – and they are so orderly!

  3. Kays Kids 13 years ago

    They look like the 7 dwarfs going to work. I love them. So does the red knitting in the front give us a clue to their dress?

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