Well I`ve been busy again, today I have been making sure all my new little bears for the Hugglets show in Kensington, London are all checked , labelled and ready to go !

As usual I leave the labelling to the last and have taken up the lounge again, all my new crew are sitting in the corner looking at me and I must say I can see how I have spent my time and know why my fingers are so sore LOL.

The postie has just arrived with a new binding machine, I haven`t the foggiest clue how it works but thought it would be a good idea to make a hard copy of my Book, Basic bear making hints and tips so that newbie bear makers can thumb through it and see whats included on the CD at the show on sunday.

A good simple idea for now, but as usual I am expecting life to happen and expect it not to be so simple, give me a needle and thread anyday!!!

Last night I finished this little fellow, I haven`t made a miniature this small for an age.

He stands 2.5″ tall. The art of making miniature bears requires different skills to making a larger bear … plus a pair of reading glasses now that I am a woman of a certain age !!??!! I hope you like him :o) . There should be another finished by Sunday!xxxx