New Bears @ Tedsby

I Am Please To Annouce That I Will Have 15 “NEW” Creations, Available To Purchace, “Exclusivly” @ Tedsby Online Show.

JULY 26th – 28th 2024

Show Opens

3pm New York Time (EDT)

7pm UK Time (GMT)


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One of a Kind Artist Collectable Teddy Bears

by Award Winning UK Artist

Jane Mogford

So what is an Artist Bear?

A term typically used to describe Teddy Bears that are often handmade and hand finished by an individual

They are made in limited quantities and are valued by bear collectors.

There is no ‘Teddy Bear Panel’ to decide what is an artist bear.

That is ultimately left to the collector to decide.

Award-Winning Artist Bears are very different from any other bears.

They capture your heart and make you feel so full of love that you must bring them home.

They are handmade by artists who dedicated their life professionally to design original works of art.

These bear artists have achieved standards recognised in competitions and awards.
The bears, like paintings, are only limited to a few and most of the time, one-of-a-kind.

Their prices are always a little bit higher, which is why our bears are exhibited with prestige.

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